Spring – Warmer, greener, better.

As spring emerges, we are welcomed by more sunlight, warmer temperatures, and a bustling real estate market that is prime for selling (and buying) homes.

But when in spring is best to sell? If you have a unique property with a gorgeous view of a greenbelt, or an impeccably manicured lawn, you’ll want to consider late April and May to really showcase what may be one of  the best assets of your home. After all, not everyone has the luxury of no rear neighbours, and a soothing greenscape on which to rest their eyes!



If your yard isn’t particularly engaging, don’t fret! Tidying up old lawn furniture, trash that may have accumulated and blown through over winter, and a gentle raking will do wonders. You can also give fence boards some maintenance, trim trees or bushes, and keep walk-ways clear, stable, and safe. These will certainly put a plus in your wallet, as more buyers will appreciate the tidiness and potential they will see as they can spend more time imagining backyard BBQs and quiet evenings in the yard.

Spring cleaning and beyond

If you could earn $5000-$10,000 if you got your home sparkling clean, would you take the time to do it? You sure would! That is basically what happens when you decide to list your home.

When every corner is dusted, every wall washed, and every mirror shining, along with smart home staging, you’ll see a great return on investment on your home.


This applies whether your home is worth $200,000 or 2 million. Why? People like things that are new or feel new. And while your home may not have just been built, you can give buyers the satisfaction of putting an offer in (over asking!) that they can feel confident in.

Let your home architecture and style shine! It pays!