Windy days and home maintenance

Reports of winds up to 100 km/hour are reported in Waterloo Region today as wind warnings come into effect. High winds can cause potential damage to trees, building and power lines. We can’t stop wild winds and unpredictable weather, but we can do our best to prevent damage to our home and protect our families.


Regular inspections of your attic including ensuring that rafters and sheathing are in good condition is vital. Check that the nails that hold the sheathing to the rafters have been properly installed and that the contractor didn’t miss hitting the truss.  It’s also a good idea to inspect for water damage and that your vents are operating correctly, since condensation of any type reduces the integrity of your roof.

What else? Check the exterior and survey your shingles; loose shingles are a way for water and pests to penetrate, so a visit from a contractor may be in order if you see loose, degraded, or malformed shingles. While you’re up on the ladder, have a look at your eves troughs and ensure that they are properly secured, keeping an eye out for stripped fasteners or damaged aluminum.

Maintenance of trees near your home is also key and while you may be able to do smaller jobs, it’s best to leave the big ones to a professional. Make it a habit to assess foliage on your property, and trim or even remove trees that are unhealthy, dead or too close to your dwelling.

Unpredictable weather including high winds are a great reason to keep your home maintained in good condition. Making sure eves troughs, shutters and doors are secured isn’t just for curb appeal, it’s for your safety as well.

Lastly, avoid chasing your belongings down the street and make sure those recycling bins and trash cans are put away on garbage day. Your neighbours will thank you 🙂

Toronto and beyond: $1 million over asking

Recently, news hit that a home in Toronto sold for $1 million over asking. While part of the sale price can be accounted for by the fact that the home was priced below market value to create a flurry of bidding activity, there remains the reality of a continuing highly competitive market in which buyers outnumber the homes for sale.


This trend has become abundantly apparent in Waterloo Region during 2016 as our GTA friends move to the area either as commuters, or new residents, attracted by comparably lower home prices, along with the influx of investment in our technology and innovation sector.

Regardless, locals are feeling the pinch as bigger wallets compete for the same homes. What’s next? Some locals, along with those from out of town, are considering areas just outside of Waterloo Region such as Stratford, Woodstock, and Brantford to enjoy more reasonable prices and less density. With both resale and new-build opportunities, it is becoming worth the commute and some consideration.