Simplified Market Update – April 2019 – A slide and a climb

By Cindy-lou Schmidt

A highly competitive market, particularly under the $500,000 price range appears to have had an impact on those buying semi-detached, townhomes and condos which were all down in sold numbers.

In March, we saw the number of homes sold slide with 511 residential sales.  There was a  5.7% decrease compared to March 2018 and a 7% decrease compared to the  the previous ten-year average for March.

Condos and townhomes are down 11-15%, while semi-detached homes took a big hit with a 37.5% drop in sales.

However, those with larger budgets have continued to push the sold prices up on single detached properties with a 3.2% increase. 


Cindy-lou’s Simplified Market Update

NUMBER OF SALES:  March 2019 compared to March 2018

  • 325 detached homes were sold in March (up 3.2% )
  • 45 condominium units (down 11.8%  which includes any property regardless of style (i.e. semis, townhomes, apartment, detached etc.)
  • 116 freehold townhouses (down 14.7%).
  • 25 semi-detached homes (down 37.5%)

AVERAGE SALES PRICE SUMMARY: March 2019 compared to March 2018

The average sale price of all residential properties sold increased 3.4% to $505,855.

Broken down by style of home:

  • Detached homes sold for an average price of $585,668 (up 0.8%)
  • Apartment style condominiums increased by $320,857 (up 7.5 per cent).
  • Townhomes sold for an average of $372,003 (down 1.0%)
  • Semis sold for an average of $422,360 (up 6.4%)

HOMES LISTED ON MARKET: March 2019 compared to March 2018

Realtors listed 797 residential properties in K-W and area last month, a 4.8% decrease

  • 4.5% decrease compared to the previous ten-year average of 1296 listings for March
  • Total number of homes available for sale in active status at the end of March totalled  819, an increase of 5.4 %, but still well below the previous ten-year average of 1,371 listings for March.


Sellers: Demand for homes is keeping the price rising but at much more reasonable rates of growth. Don’t get complacent – clean, stage, repair, choose the right REALTOR® to partner with.

This is the third month in which home prices are rising between the traditional or “normal” 3-5% rate of price growth for Waterloo Region.

Buyers: Waterloo Region remains a desirable place to live! Be an active and purposeful buyer on homes you are genuinely interested in especially if you’re looking for a home or investment under $500,000.


I hope you enjoyed my Simplified Market Update!  I strive to keep you  informed and empowered so you can make smart real estate decisions that will benefit you for years to come. 


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