Go Beyond Property Needs and Wants

When you shop for a new home, you’ll probably start by thinking about what you need in your next property. Your list might include a spacious kitchen; three bedrooms; and, a mature tree in the backyard.


Those are property features and, of course, they’re important. But finding your next dream home involves more than just property features. It also involves getting what you want from the surrounding area. After all, a home isn’t going to be enjoyable if commuting to work from your neighbourhood is long and agonizing. So when you shop for a new home, also think about:

Work. How will you get to work? Is public transit nearby?
School. Where will your kids go to school? Is transit or bus service available? Will your kids be able to walk to school?
Kids. Where will your kids play and hang out? Are there nearby playgrounds and parks?
Neighbours. Do the local homeowners seem like the kind of people you’d like as neighbours?
Shopping. Where will you do your weekly shopping?
Hobbies. How far will you be from golf, theatre, or other hobbies?

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Thalmic Labs Heating Up

Located in Downtown Kitchener, Thalmic Labs has secured 160 million dollars from investors to continue the company’s vision for the “next era of computing”. Founded on the now well-recognized Myo armband, which retails for about $260, the technology is now being used in over 150 countries, for both virtual reality applications and real-world tasks like training amputees. The armband senses muscle activity in the arm and processes that information to allow the person to control things likes computers or video games and beyond. In the case of Johnny Matheny who lost his arm to cancer, the Myo technology has bridged the gap between mind and matter.


“As the person thinks about moving their missing limb, a minute electrical impulse travels from the brain to the re-implanted nerves. Sensors in the armbands register the impulse, correlate it to the missing muscles, and trigger a motor in the prosthetic limb to move in a similar manner to the missing flesh and bone.”

As Thalmic Labs moves beyond the Myo armband, we are all eager to see what the University of Waterloo alumni come up with next. Since 2012, Thalmic Labs is not only changing the world of computing and technology worldwide, they are helping to solidify Kitchener on the technology map as a continually growing innovation centre.

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Buying a home in Waterloo Region — A market snapshot

Whether you’re planning on buying your first home or you’ve done this before, it’s important to get a perspective on what the market is doing where you are planning to live. In Kitchener-Waterloo, what you may have been able to afford last year is different this year. With a steady increase in prices over the last 12 months as innovation and businesses continue to invest in our area, as well as an influx of out-of-towners, Kitchener-Waterloo has seen a 20% increase in home prices on average, as well as shortage of available homes to purchase.


So what to do? The best way to orient yourself is to see consider your budget and survey all properties fitting your basic criteria. Once we know your basic criteria, we can give you a summary. For example, if your budget is up to $400,000, and you require a freehold single-detached property with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, then we can see whether this yields 5 property options or 100 property options. From there, we can refine.

By specifying criteria and searching for a general snapshot of homes in a way that applies to you, this allows you to adjust your expectations which may mean you can afford more than you thought, or less.

We will then narrow your hunt and begin to visit homes in person. Afterall, as great as pictures may be, you can’t really get the feel for potential or flow in a home until you step into it.

Home Hunting Without Burnout

House hunting is exciting! Especially when starting out: you and your family will be fueled by anticipation, desire and enthusiasm – the raw ingredients of adrenaline. That’s what keeps you going.

But when viewing multiple homes in one day, maybe with fidgety kids and an empty stomach, you may begin to feel exhausted. When that happens, even the most ideal home can seem undesirable.


Since you don’t want exhaustion to result in a missed opportunity, it’s important to pace yourself. Here are some tips for doing just that!

• When it comes to endurance, everyone has their limits. If a child or spouse is looking tired, take a break. One person may be able to see a lot of homes in quick succession, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in the family has the same stamina.

• Never house shop on an empty stomach. Have a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner before heading out. But avoid the temptation to eat a large meal at a restaurant. It may make you feel sluggish and tired.

• If you have young children, find out where the local parks and playgrounds are located. These are great places to take a break and let the kids play for a while.

• Keep some bottled water and perhaps some light snacks in the car. You never know when someone’s stomach will begin to grumble.

If you’ve been house hunting for several weeks, all the homes may start to look alike. If this happens, take a few days off. It will help to restore your perspective!